SMU Football is Back and Better than EVER!

October 31, 2019 by

I’m about to say something that I never thought I would say during my time at SMU…

SMU is now basically a FOOTBALL school because we are UNDEFEATED! Yes, that’s right…8-0, undefeated!! And no, it’s not 1982 and there is no death penalty in our near future. Not only are we undefeated, but we are ranked #15 in the nation. That’s basically a foreign language for us, right? Well, it’s time to get used to it because [hopefully] it’s here to stick.

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Us Mustangs definitely had low expectations coming into football season with the no boulevarding and usually less than stellar football record. But, head coach Sonny Dykes and the team have proved us wrong because they have put SMU back on the college football map! Don’t get me wrong, it will never be a true SMU football season without boulevarding but the 8-0 record, the 41-38 win against TCU, and the national ranking makes up for it a little bit. 😉

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Now onto what we do best here at SMUStyle…fashion. But, this time football edition. I’m sure you all have noticed that the team’s record isn’t the only thing that’s been revived. Take a look at their jerseys, and you can see that they’ve totally revamped the team’s “look.” So, let’s discuss this new “Dallas” uniform. Yes, the uniform is very sleek and clean looking but I’m not going to lie, I was a little confused as to why the jerseys say Dallas and not SMU but supposedly, they are a part of a branding project to better connect SMU to the city. In my opinion, the most stunning part of the new uniform is the helmet because it represents Dallas and the mustangs. I’m making this a rule: everyone run to the bookstore to get the sweatshirt or hat version of the football helmet because…

COLLEGE GAME DAY featuring the SMU and Memphis showdown is SATURDAY! This doesn’t happen very often for us, so seriously everyone jump in your cars, blare your music, and make the seven hour drive to Memphis. I promise it’ll be worth it. We need to get rowdy and show those tigers what the BEST team in Texas is made of!



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