Small Talk: Year-Round Nail Shades

September 4, 2018 by

Anyone ever wish that their nail color could change with their mood like Aquamarine?

I, for one, have always been envious of this mindblowing trait and there are little to no nail colors out there that I have not tried. While I love to experiment with neons and pastels, finding a staple shade that looks amazing year-round is crucial for those times when you’re not feeling very adventurous. I asked the SMUStyle girls for their go to shades, so please find inspiration below!

Meg Burditt: “Bubble Bath OPI”

Thaly Fajardo: “Funny Bunny OPI or Ox Blood OPI”

Lauren Fisher: “Essie Caviar Bar”

Lexie Hanna: “Black Cherry Chutney OPI”

Caroline Hogan: “Broadway Beige at MiniLuxe. The shade is one of their performance polishes that you can only get there and it seriously looks good with everything!”

Cairo Kim: “Ballet Slippers OPI or Big Apple Red OPI”

Chase Piper: “Lincoln Park After Dark OPI, Lucky Lucky Lavender OPI or Black OPI”

Mary-Bennett Sigal: “Essie Fiji or Vinyluxe Creekside”

Happy Painting!!!


Sarah Smith

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