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I can’t believe I wore that….

Those are the words that come to mind when I think of the majority of my middle school experience. But honestly, there is nothing better than a classic fashion faux pas to get you laughing about the good ole days and thanking your lucky stars that you graduated from the miss matched catastrophe that is Limited Too. I had a wealth of material for this post, so let me just give you a brief history of my most horrendous moments:

I started shopping at J.Crew in the 4th grade. This was before Crew Cuts and my elementary school self was fully committed to the young professional sweater set attire. You could say I was wise beyond my years?… I relentlessly paired this look with the most colorful argyle knee socks (coordinated with my sweater of course) I could find and topped it off with a fresh pair of Sperry’s. The 4th grade was a weird time.

Fast forward to 6th grade – I was at a new school and was still for some reason obsessed with Sperry’s. I had them in regular, rose gold, and the brightest neon pink (still confused as to why Jeffrey did a collab with Sperry’s). In the 7th grade, another girl got the same pair of rose gold Sperry’s and naturally, I was livid. My mom told me I should be flattered but I honestly just feel bad for the both of us for wearing them in the first place. I never want to see a pair of Sperry’s again unless I’m on a boat.

Check out the rest of the staff’s worst fashion disasters:

Alegra Volpe: Wedged Sneakers. Enough Said.


Caroline Hogan: Surprise, Surprise, I used to be a huge Lily Pulitzer girl…shame me now. Bright colors, bold prints, the crazy Palm Beach lifestyle dressing. Yep, that was me. Can’t believe my friends let me out of the house on SENIOR SPRING BREAK none the less in a pink and green ensemble. Smh to them.

Sarah Smith: When I was twelve I had this newsboy hat that was pink and checkered with a Blondie pin. I thought it was sick and I wore it in NYC.

Mary Bennett Siegel: It wouldn’t be unusual to see me rocking an Abercrombie striped button down, cargo shorts, and those dreadful black Adidas slides. Where was my brain? I was also a frequent customer at Foot Locker when they had their sale in polo shirts. 5 for $5!

Lexie Hannah: Brown Wide Legged True Religion Corduroys SOS

Thaly Fajardo: I still cringe every time I remember all of the colorful skinny jeans I had in my closet. Blue, green, yellow, you name it I had them. Why did I think looking like a walking rainbow was cool?!

Meg Burditt: Birkenstocks hands down. They look like orthopedic shoes!


We have come so far! Heres to looking back on our 20’s and wondering what in the world we were thinking!

xx, MB

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