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April 1, 2019 by

This weekend I decided to try out a new café. So, I drove down Greenville and found La La Land right near Truck Yard. This café transformed an adorable home and completely renovated it into Dallas’ new favorite joint.

While I was looking up the cafe before I visited, I discovered something really unique. Francois Reihani (yes, the guy who started Bar Stellar and the co-founder of Poke) is the creator and owner of the new coffee shop. However, what’s different about his new project is its philanthropic component. Reihani employs foster children who are transitioning out of the system. He is extremely passionate about creating a future for these young adults and serving as a mentor to them.

The employees were wonderful and efficient. I knew right off the bat that I needed their avocado toast as it’s always my go-to. If you love chili flakes and a dash of lemon, this order is the one for you. I also ordered an iced latte which was garnished with honey and cinnamon. Other latte flavors include matcha, french toast, thin mint, & marshmallow. While the cafe doesn’t have that many options for food, their pastries are amazing. Next time I’m trying the breakfast empanada!

Since the inside was completely packed, my friend and I went outside to the backyard. The atmosphere was really laid-back with its chill playlist. While I would definitely say the cafe’s indoor space does not qualify as a good study spot, the backyard most definitely can. As it starts to get warmer out, this will be the ideal place to go.

One of my favorite colors is yellow; I think that’s why I was obsessed with the cafe’s branding. Everything was picture perfect and Instagram-ready. The food comes in a little to-go box and when dining in-house, the lattes will probably have a cute design on the foam.

10/10 recommend this place.



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