Shut Up and Listen, Please? {Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts}

February 27, 2017 by

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO…. well, not yet.

In the spirit of Oscars week, Addi and I decided to dive in, head first, to the Oscar shorts. We popped by a screening at the Magnolia Theater to watch some cute animations and get some culturing. “I love going to the Magnolia Theater because it’s right in the heart of West Village so I can get a quick bite to eat and catch a movie,” says SMU junior Mariella Norona.

You can catch a showing of the shorts, both animated and live action, every day until March 2. It’s like a wayyyyy less committed version of watching all the best picture noms, and you get to look super intellectual at your watch party when you confidently comment on the design styles and storytelling motifs of the lesser known shorts.

Here’s a quick rundown of the five nominees:

Our favorites: “Blind Vaysha” for Addi and “Piper” for Nati, but we both feel that “Pear Cider and Cigarettes” will pull through with the win. To look through all the nominees for this year and peak at the trailers, click here.

Now Shut Up and Listen, Please? to our full commentary below! xx, Addi and Nati

Shut Up and Listen, Please? Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films from Nati Bru on Vimeo.


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