Shut Up and Listen, Please? {Dallas Donuts}

February 14, 2017 by

WELCOME BABES AND BOOS, to the first ever podcast on SMUStyle! We the editors, Nati and Addi, are starting a new series, Shut Up and Listen, Please? to vent our opinions on things nobody asked us about. And you can’t stop us. We have the passwords.

For our first pod (cast? idk, abbreviation tbd), we dragged ourselves around town on a Sunday morning to stuff as many donuts in our faces as we could bear. Hypnotic Donuts and Biscuits and Glazed Donut Works were our chosen targets.

Let it be known, that if I (Nati) were to be buried under a mountain of food, I would prefer donuts. Let it also be known that that mountain would be created by Addison throwing away all of the donuts because she hates them so much. The diversity of opinion here is INSANE.

Let it also be known that eating six donuts in under two hours is a challenge in itself and we should be awarded for our bravery.

If you find this post #inspirational and want to do some snooping, here’s a list of all the donut goodness the D has to offer.


<3 Nati and Addi


While I appreciate the gourmet donuts here, I would rather get more donuts at either Mustang Donuts or Krispy Kreme which are closer to campus said senior SMU student, Michael Davide when talking about his experience at Glazed.

Photos by Addison Anthony

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