Shut Up and Listen, Please? {A Goodbye to GIRLS}

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“We were all just trying to do our best…” -Hannah

Last night we said goodbye to our beloved GIRLS. The HBO hit has been on for 6 seasons, giving us the chance to watch our favorite millennials (try to) grow up over the past years. The final episode, “Latching” left us with some bittersweet thoughts, feel free to hear our commentary below. **SPOILER ALERT**

What’s next for GIRLS?

Shut Up and Listen, Please? {GIRLS} from Nati Bru on Vimeo.

For the articles mentioned in the podcast, click here for Manrepeller, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter.

We said bye to Soshanna, Jessa, and Elijah in the Goodbye Tour Episode. While Addi and I both feel that this was a happier way to say goodbye to some of the most pivotal characters, many blogs feel as if this was the final episode and the last one, “Latching” served more as an epilogue.

I for one think it was not enough. We wanted more, we want closure, we want a 3 years down the line everyone singing happy birthday to the baby and everyone looking older, seasoned, and figured out. Why Lena, Judd and Jenni did you do this to us!!???

If you’re suffering from post pardon GIRLS depression, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Read and follow the Lenny Letter.
  2. Judd has a few other good hits going on right now, his latest is HBO’s Crashing and Netflix’s Love.
  3. Adam Driver became especially good at being awkward as Kylo Ren, here’s the latest Last Jedi Trailer to get you hyped.


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