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February 16, 2018 by

I have the privilege of my dad frequently reminding me that I have expensive taste. And yes, I’m not going to deny it. Well, what my dad 100% isn’t aware of is that fashion week is here!! Any idea what that means??? New trends! New wardrobe! And even more complaints from my dad!

If any of you out there are like me, you find the outfits on the runway soooo dreamy and you’ve never wanted something more than to sport those outfits yourself one day. A girl can dream!!! I’m still awaiting that magical day but hopefully not in leggings and a t-shirt…hopefully in style!

Within the last few days, my online shopping addiction has seriously SOARED. I blame fashion week. How are we expected to see so many new trends for next fall and not go on a shopping rampage?? Exactly, it’s impossible. It can also seem so incredibly difficult to find trendy yet well priced outfits, but I promise you can do it!! Here are some reasonable, stylish pieces that could pass on the runway:

The runway has never shined brighter, thanks to sequins! There were some gorgeous, sparkly looks by Tibi, Brandon Maxwell, and many many more. Personally, I’m in love with sequins and am over the moon excited that they are staying around for fall. Check out Zara and Topshop to find these fashion week worthy looks.

GOOD NEWS: you can still wear your animal print clothing items I’m guessing you splurged on this winter…but there is a TWIST. And, it’s a bold one. Colorful animal print was spotted all over the runway. Yes you heard right, colorful animal print!! I was very skeptical at first, but I think it’s growing on me. I found some alternatives to Tom Ford’s animal print pieces on Nordstrom.

I feel like a lot of people hate hot pink, but girls, it’s time to LOVE it because it is predicted to be everywhere this fall. Milly and Alexander Wang made me fall head over heels in love with hot pink. So, I got shopping and found some amazing, hot pink, everyday items on Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Zara.

Good luck shopping for your new fall wardrobe!!



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