Ponies Out! Saying So Long to Our Favorite Seniors

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Sadly, the time has come when we have to let them fly away from the SMUStyle nest and into the scary outside world, or as others call it, reality.

We couldn’t let them leave without one final hoorah, so they buzzed over to Stanley Korshak in search of the perfect graduation/summer looks. Shoutout to Lee Jones Collection for *frosting* them in some beautiful jewels!

These girls have taught us everything we know, so let’s celebrate them in the best way, by blogging about them, duh!

Our Connoisseur of Creativity
Sara Mullally

What’s next? “I am moving to New York later this summer and am working in either fashion or interior design!”

How has SMUStyle influenced your college experience? “SMUStyle has been a part of my college experience since the beginning of my freshman year, so I honestly can’t imagine SMU without it.”

What is your favorite SMUStyle post? “My favorite post was sophomore year, it was about my personal jewelry collection.”

I think what we’ll miss the most about Sara is the never ending game of what outfit she might show up in…and then absolutely killing it!!

Our Devilish Dose of Entertainment
Nati Bru

How has SMUStyle influenced your college experience? “SMUStyle was how I made friends my freshmen year… since then it’s had an outstanding number of memories, friendships, and Dallas experiences that I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to if it weren’t for the squad.”

What is your favorite SMUStyle post? “My favorite SMUStyle post was prob any Music Monday… I introduced this idea when I was a freshman and would say it’s been an integral part of our blog. I hate how much I procrastinate but if I could get a killer playlist from it? Super down.”

Any advice/words of wisdom/final words? “I don’t think I’m the most appropriate person to give advice but if I had to leave some inspiring words or say something as a “closing” I would say in the words of a hot dad, Mathew McConaughey… graduation is inevitable so… “Alright, alright, alright.”

Can’t wait to see you spice up late night TV and be the next Jimmy Fallon, Nati!!

Our Fearless Female World Traveler (& Not to Mention Photographer)
Addison Anthony

What’s next? “Heading to NYC to scrape out a job, eat my heart and stomach out without going bankrupt, and be Sara’s most annoying roommate.”

How has SMUStyle influenced your college experience? “SMUStyle gave me indispensable experience and the most #fabulous friends, although I definitely still dress like a high maintenance couch potato.”

What is your favorite SMUStyle post? “My favorite posts were the ones Emily and I got to work on abroad – Budapest, Paris, and Madrid were some of the best weekends, and we got to drag our friends around to take photos of us in the freezing rain.”

If you can’t find Addison, chances are she’s somewhere in Spain…or Norway…or Greece…or anywhere. Safe travels to wherever your heart takes you!!

Our Sassy, Splendid & Sparkly Chef
Adriana Bremer  

What’s next? “I am moving back to Mexico after 7 long years. Not sure what’s next but I know for a fact it’ll be fashion related! I’m excited.”

How has SMUStyle influenced your college experience? “I’ve been a part of SMUStyle for four years. Not only did I realize how much I love fashion because of it, but I also met some of my best friends. It’s been one of the best parts of my college years and I’ll miss it a lot.”

What about campus will you miss the most? “I’ll for sure miss EVERYTHING about this campus. But seeing my friends almost everyday is one thing I’ll miss the most! SMU forever.”

From her perfectly polished looks and her effortless glamour, we know Adriana is going to rock whatever comes her way! We’ll miss you!!

Our Perfectly Put-Together (& Not-So) Parisian
Emily Sharp 

What’s next? “Long-term plan: I’m staying in Dallas and living in Uptown with some of my best friends and currently in the process of finding a job either in fashion journalism or fashion development! Short-term plan: Europe trip with my best friends!”

How has SMUStyle influenced your college experience? “Since I joined the SMUStyle team two years ago, I’ve learned so much about my own style, as well as really improved my writing and creativity skills. I’ve had a blast being able to get to know like-minded girls outside my sorority and group of friends.”

Any advice/words of wisdom/final words? “My best advice would be to not take school too seriously. That sounds like terrible advice but what I mean is to make sure you don’t miss out on the experiences that make college the best years of your life! And study abroad!!!”

No matter what job Emily lands, we’re confident this California golden girl will enhance the Dallas scene!

We want to thank each one of you for putting in countless hours of work from writing, editing, collaging, brainstorming, etc. to make this blog the best that it can be (getting a little teary here awww). You each bring something so unique and lively to the crew and for that, filling your shoes will be one tall task. We love all you talented ladies so much and can’t wait to see what lies ahead. You always have a family here at SMUStyle!! <3 <3 <3 <3


The whole squad


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