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With just two weeks before we jet set off to some tropical destination for our much anticipated Spring Break week, I have begun to shop my Spring Break Essentials Kit. While I will admit, I’ve spent a few too many hours on Revolve shopping for the perfect bikinis, I’ve also spent an embarrassing amount of time preparing my beach bag necessities. It might just be me, but without these Beach Bag essentials, no beach vacay is complete.

  1. YOU GUESSED IT!! SPF baby! I won’t bore you with the detrimental effects of UV rays, but I will tell you that you need this Solara Suncare Glow Getter SPF 30 in your beach bag now!! It’s infused with caffeine to smooth the skin (um, yes please?!) and blended with skin illuminating minerals for an instant light-reflecting glow. And don’t forget the lips (lip sunburns are arguably the worst!). Try the Solara Moisturizing Lip Serum for a lil’ plump and a lil’ hydration.
  2. A hairbrush. This Dry Bar Detangling Brush is my go-to (far superior to The Wet Brush IMO) for long days at the beach. I can’t layout for more than 30 minutes without feeling like I am dying from overheating, so I am constantly in an out of the water. This brush (paired with our next essential) makes maintaining my long locks a breeze.
  3. VERB Leave-In Mist: I keep a travel size of this in my beach bag at all times. It makes smoothing out windblown, sea salt dried hair a far more enjoyable experience.
  4. A fabulous sun hat: I have been a fan of Ale by Alessandra hats for years. They are super stylish and make your bikini Instagram and little more chic, while protecting your face from the sun.
  5. Vacation Oil: Getting the perfect tan should be considered an art. Protecting your skin, while avoiding tan-lines, without frying yourself takes time to master. Fortunately, these next two products can help. Vacation Oil is made with Chardonnay Seed Oil and is “designed to bring out your deepest natural color, all while smoothing and hydrating your skin.” What more could a girl ask for?
  6. Baja Bae: Another staple in my “The Perfect Sun-Kissed Golden Tan Kit,” is Baja Bae. This 3-in-1 Carmel Lotion acts as a tanning accelerator, a tinted moisturizer that gives your body instant color +glow, and can even be used on the face as a highlighter + radiance booster under makeup. It’s all natural, fights cellulite and stretch marks, and will help you become the Picasso of tanning. (Reminder: be sure to layer over SPF)
  7. Sand Repellent Towel: I’ll be the first to admit, I LOVE the beach. I HATE the sand. Another reason, I spend so much time in the ocean. Lounging on a sandy towel is a torturous experience, so these sand repellent beach towels are a GAME CHANGER and certainly an essential in my beach bag.
  8. Oversized Sunglasses: It seems that EVERY TIME I go to the beach, I lose/ruin/scratch/break my favorite sunnies. Thus, I have learned to bring a lower priced alternative to the beach and keep my expensive sunglasses at home. QUAY has tons of trendy styles around the $50 mark, so you can still look fabulous without breaking the bank. Or your favorite sunglasses.
  9. We Are Wild Solid Water: Keep this bad boy in your mini fridge at night and throw in your beach bag just before you head to the beach. The cooling sensation feels euphoric when your face feels a bit overheated. It’s packed with antioxidants to rehydrate your parched skin.
  10. The Beach Bag, Of Course!!!: How could I forget, the most essential part of your beach bag is the bag itself. I learned the hard way after ruining a Goyard bag with sand and tanning oil that I needed a designated bag for the beach, and the beach alone. I found this beach bag at a Sample Sale in NYC this summer and to be honest only bought it because it said ‘Highland Park’ and I was feeling a little homesick. Turns out, it has become the ultimate beach tote. Its big, chic and best of all has a water (and sand!!) repellant interior that can easily be wiped down if anything goes awry. You can shop from their permanent collection or you can customize your own bag with the saying or city of your choice!

And there we have it. Stash these awesome products in your beach bag to ensure the best beachy waves, perfect tan, and ultimate beach vacation. I hope everyone has a fun and fabulous Spring Break!

Until next time,

XO, Lo

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