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February 13, 2017 by

If you haven’t been counting the days until spring break don’t worry I have- 27. That gives us plenty of time to get a head start on finding the perfect bikinis. If you’re obsessed with swimwear like me, then keep reading to learn about the cutest bikinis catching my eye ATM.

So normally I stick to the basics- kiini, frankies bikinis, acacia etc.

But I recently saw so many cute suits online at PlanetBlue and just needed to share.

They’re mostly love and lemons but I love the lingerie look and these are so unique they really caught my eye. Visit the site for more looks but these are my top 5.

white |blue | black | pink | black


Next I love suits from Revolve. They have every designer and they’re all in one place so it’s super convenient and fun. They cover from Mikoh to L*Space to Kiini.

LSpace-Green | Kiini- Black |Kopper&Zink-Yellow | Mikoh- Blue


FINALLY.. Triangl just came out with their new velvet bikini, it’s so cute and the colors are beautiful.

Violet Velvet

Good luck ,

C 🙂

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