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While I cannot say I miss the frightening halls of Umph or Arnold, living in an apartment has pressed quite the challenge. My roommates and I often spend our week busy with school and social events – rarely carving out the time to go grocery shopping.

Since I am no longer forced to go to the on-campus dining halls, I became desperate for another solution. And I knew, that going to Eatzi’s four times per week was not it. My roommates and I wanted the experience of cooking, however, did not crave the long, complicated process. Enter our solution: meal kits delivered directly to your doorstep. Check out my faves below:

Hello Fresh: This meal kit delivery service sends delicious recipes and ingredients weekly. Choose from up to seven, easy meals per week – these range from “One-Pan Mushroom Ravioli Gratin” to “Soy Marinated Steak Bowls”. These meals taste gourmet and can be made typically under 30 minutes. With Hello Fresh’s organized portions, cooking becomes a breeze. Coming from someone who could barely turn on a stove – Hello Fresh has literally turned me into a college version of Top Chef.

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Blue Apron: Similar to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron is another fan favorite when it comes to meal kit delivery services. All ingredients are high quality and come from local farms. Complex sounding meals such as “Roasted Cauliflower Farro Salad” and “Ginger Pork Meatballs” will become simple with this service. Starting at just $9.99 per serving, Blue Apron will keep you tummy and wallet full.

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Sunbasket: And lastly, Sunbasket, simply put, is the healthiest meal kit delivery service option. Choose from up to 17 meal choices per week – all made with organic ingredients. Paleo, gluten-free, or vegan? Sunbasket has options for whatever fad diet you’re on. If you are truly looking for the healthiest option, Sunbasket’s the one.

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Now, I’m hungry. Get cooking!



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