The Italian Restaurant We’ve All Been Waiting For

November 28, 2017 by

Has anyone else noticed Dallas’ lack of Italian cuisine? It’s completely unacceptable. While yes, our city does have Lucia and Canne Rosso, there’s hardly anything in between month-long waitlists and uber casual vibes. Let’s face it – Lucia is to die for but has a smaller, more upscale menu and we only go to Canne Rosso for those mouth-watering pizzas. In my opinion, most all other restaurants kind of missed the mark. Maybe I’m picky. Anyways, it’s safe to say these are great options, but they still don’t suffice. So, where can our Italian cravings be satisfied? Sassetta, of course.

Nestled in the heart of Dallas’ trendy Design District, Sassetta is open morning, noon, and night and offers everything between breakfast pastries, avo toast, chicken parm sandwiches and brick oven pizzas.

Sassetta is the ideal balance between casual and fine dining. Although they are accepted, a reservation isn’t necessary – there’s ample space between outdoor and indoor spots. With this walk-in vibe and friendly staff, the restaurant felt fresh and uncomplicated. In an effort to dabble with a little bit of everything, we opted for two pizzas as appetizers. Yes, entrees can be starters, too.

Excuse the lack of food pictures – I was too busy stuffing my face.

The margherita and roasted pepper pizzas came to our table straight from the oven. Although both were delicious, the latter was a tad too salty. Nevertheless, the pies were baked to perfection with lightly charred crusts. Next, we ordered the chicken parmesan sandwich topped with melted provolone and spicy tomato sauce. Heaven to say the least. Finally, the butternut squash and goat cheese doppio (aka double stuffed ravioli) was hands down divine.

A taste of Sassetta’s chic decor.

Whether you’re looking to dive straight into a plate full of pasta or merely celebrating happy hour, Sassetta is the place to go. This joint will also be a good one for the next boulevard season to come.

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