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Nothing sounds better than a yacht-filled harbor, designer shops, beautiful villas, high-end restaurants and a Strawberry mojito while at Nikki Beach.

Craving a tropical vacation? This ultimate guide to St Barths, the most glamorous island in the French West Indies, is sure to convince you of your next fab getaway.

One truly experiences “coming in hot” after a landing in St Barths. The scariest yet coolest plane landing of your life is sure to occur on this island, and I hate to say it but you truly have to experience it to understand… it is quite an adventure. TRUST ME.

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Once you land safe and sound in the Saint Barthélemy Airport your tropical escapade is ready to begin. And you’ll never want it to end.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the island twice; and although it may not sound as enough, twice really is enough to compile a list of hot do’s and not-so-hot don’ts of the island. Peruse over some of my favorite spots, fun, views and more.




Some of the most amazing restaurants EVER are in St Barths. The seafood is always fresh, the service is great and most servers are very, very, very good looking. Not saying this matters, but it sure is a plus.

  • Eden Rock
    • The Sand Bar at the iconic hotel, Eden Rock, serves the best salmon sushi with crispy rice. Additionally, the breathtaking views of the Caribbean that the restaurant offers is one of a kind.

  • Shellona
    • Located in Shell Beach, one of the most charming beaches of the island, Shellona offers a great atmosphere and cuisine. You will not only enjoy the food, but you will do so while listening to their DJ and/or live music. It is a great place to spend the whole afternoon… my friends and I sure did.
    • At Shellona, I had the BEST tuna tartar ever. Hands down. It was incredibly fresh and rich in flavor.

  • La Plage
    • Located in the Tom Beach Hotel, La Plage delivers the perfect Caribbean experience: feet in the sand and drink in the hand. Their food is great but their drinks are AMAZING.

  • Bonito
    • The most romantic restaurant ever. It has a French-Latin cuisine with a spectacular view of the Gustavia harbor. My favorite drink ever is from here: Lychee Loves Coco.




Oh what a night. A constant phrase you’ll say throughout your trip.

The most incredible bars, clubs and nightlife can be found in St Barths. From Bagatelle to 1 OAK, hot spots are located all throughout the island.

  • Bagatelle
    • The legendary Bagatelle experience must be lived here. After dining in this top restaurant and once the clock strikes late at night, your experience at Bagatelle will surely become memorable because of its unique ambiance. Champagne, music, DJs and more will account for a night for the books.
  • Le Ti
    • Le Ti has the most unique vibe ever- the Caribbean tavern hosts the best party. You get to dress up in ridicules costumes, dance on stage (or on a table) as dancers and performers take over the restaurant.

  • 1 OAK
    • Just like in New York. Only better.




A few beaches comprise the beautiful island of St Barths; each of them is worth visiting as they are all unique in their own way.

  • Plage de St Jean
    • In this beach, you’ll find Tom Beach Hotel, Nikki Beach and the Eden Rock hotel. It is pure bliss.

  • Shell Beach
    • This is where the Shellona restaurant is located. Shell beach is named this way because LITERALLY it is covered by millions of unique shells. This is a great beach to visit for a whole afternoon, and enjoy good food, wine and an A plus view just like I did.

  • Plage de la Saline
    • This is like a hidden gem. It is the most private beach of St Barths, but definitely the most beautiful one.
  • Colombier Beach
    • Only accessible by foot or boat, this secluded beach is worth the visit.

Courtesy of Dagmar Garcia


I hope this post made you want to travel to the most glamorous island of all time, I know writing this reminded me of greater and sunnier days.

Have a great summer.

xx, AB

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