Rush Tips: Beauty

January 9, 2020 by

With rush less than a week away, I’m here to give you the run-down on all things beauty, so you can start prepping for when it counts!

For starters, nails! Personally, I like to go to Castle Nail Spa in Mockingbird Station. Not only is it super close to campus, but they just renovated and expanded this past year and it is stunning! Sit back with your drink of choice, and get yourself a mani-pedi. For rush, I recommend you keep it natural. Stick to french, black, or maybe a light pink, and avoid rhinestones and excessive glitter. It’s best to stick with the classics on this one. Sidenote: they offer a 10% discount with your student ID (15% for mani-pedi combos), so you can grab a Starbucks beforehand guilt-free!

Next up, skin! If you like facials, you’ll love the hydra facial at Ovme on Oak Lawn Ave. I was suffering through a month long breakout (thanks, finals :/), and after this facial, my skin cleared up in a day and a half– no joke! I was a little skeptical considering the price point, but it is 100% worth it when you’re in a pickle. If not for rush, keep this one in mind for weddings, vacations, or formals… whenever your skin is acting out at a really inconvenient time.

While many of you went somewhere sunny for break, some of us (me included) visited colder states, with no tan in sight. If you’re from somewhere like Minnesota, you can benefit from a fake tan. Besides the aesthetics of being tan, I find I wear a lot less makeup when I am. A fake tan allows you to avoid excessive bronzing (which has the potential for caking), so you can go through rush without worrying about your makeup all the day. If you like airbrush spray tans, try Sol Sunless on Mockingbird (check out my review of them with additional spray tan tips here). If you’re more of a DIY girl, try St.Tropez mousse for a streak-free glow.

Overall, it’s important to keep it natural! I know everyone wants to look their best, but be careful not to overdo it. Your personality will make you stand out on its own. All beauty tips aside, trust me when I say that no matter what happens, you’ll find your people.


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