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I know I haven’t written in a long time (what a shame, that’s on me, no excuses), but if a new royal baby isn’t reason enough to write, you let me know what is more worthy.

In case you’re unaware, the topic of the day jumping from peer-to-peer is most definitely this new nugget of Kate and Will. As part of my many newsworthy notifications I receive on a daily basis, you can only imagine my face this morning at 5:45 am (morning news life) when PopSugar reported: “Kate Middleton is In Labor”!!! I texted the two people who I knew would be up and just as excited as I was: my mom and my bff, Lucy, who’s living life six hours ahead of us in Paris.

Around 7:30 am my phone started buzzing as every news media outlet began “announcing” the gender. My head and heart both agreed on the idea of a girl, but frankly, not hurt that it’s a boy. It was reported that Kate gave birth at 4:11 am our time, but what’s more spectacular is the fact that she was up-and-at-em, all dolled up only seven hours later. That alone is a testament to her beauty and majesty (and this tiny aspect, too), as I can’t even recover from a workout class in seven hours.

Photo via Getty Images

Photo via Getty Images

What’s more important than seeing Charlotte and George rush in to greet their new baby brother (and the subsequent memes for months from @garyjanetti) was Kate’s adorable tribute to Diana. Kate stepped out alongside Will, not a hair out of place, in a bright red Jenny Packham frock with a lace collar, the same designer she wore to introduce George and Charlotte to the world.

A photo of Diana in a similar dress– white collar included– after she gave birth to Prince Harry in 1984, reminds us all of the lost Princess the world loved and still loves. It’s not Kate attempting to overshadow Diana, but instead, honor her late mother-in-law.

A tiny Harry and his mother and father

A tiny Harry and his mother and father

What’s next? The baby’s name, of course! The four contenders I’ve seen are Arthur, James, Phillip and Albert. Arthur is Williams middle name (thx for the knowledge @AnneMason); Phillip to commemorate Prince Phillip, the Queen’s husband who is sadly in failing health; and Albert most likely for the Queen’s father otherwise known as “Bertie”, otherwise known as Colin Firth in The Kings Speech. My money is on Phillip, but my track record isn’t the best considering my gender estimate.

This got me

This got me

So, I’ll be here, grinding through the next few weeks of the semester all while anxiously awaiting the name of our (potential) next king!! That is after Charles, William, Harry, George and Charlotte (look at our gal, making history).

ttfn (How very ~English~ of me)


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