Relationship Status: TEVAS

August 23, 2018 by


Throughout my life I have made it my personal mission to call out those who blatantly break the rules of what is acceptable footwear (ie. Crocs, wedged sneakers, and god forbid the catastrophe that is chacos) but this summer I had a change of heart. I met someone, and that someone happened to be a navy blue bedazzled pair of Tevas. You can’t put a label on love!  From the second I laid eyes on them, my Tevas and I proceeded to spend every moment possible together. We buzzed around work with silk shorts, we perused the farmers market with a white linen dress, we even tried to go out to Le Bain with a tuxedo romper (but our roommate reminded us how completely uncultured the bouncers are so we had to part ways and go out with block heels instead).

Tevas in the wild!


Anyways in addition to my Teva escapades, these sporty chic shoes have been seen on multiple runways including AREA (my personal favorite) and Cecillie Bahnsen. Whether they are dressed up with crystals or street style approved with a platform these kicks are sure to make a statement this fall. Shop the options below to get in on the trend. Trust me, your feet and your wardrobe will thank you.

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