Red Light, Green Light: I Have a Hangover, What Do I Do?

October 2, 2018 by

Raise your hand if this has ever been you: you told yourself you were going to stay in, study, maybe get some laundry done and catch up on sleep, but instead, you’re roped into going to Monkey Bar on a Thursday night. One small vodka-soda turns to two, turns to three Mambo Taxis. You then end up on the stage at Homebar after taking a tequila shot at the bar with Courtney and Rigo. The next morning you wake up (in your bed, hopefully), clothes everywhere, makeup is strewn across your face, and maybe your shoes are still on. But hey, at least there’s brunch.

If this sounds like a recent night of yours, because it sure sounds like mine, you may want to read what I have to say, because chances are, you’re in for a horrible HANGOVER. The deadly word that makes all men and women cringe. While being hungover may be painful, it’s a sure sign of a good night (positives, right?)

Anyway, if you want the Caroline Hogan way of beating that day-after raging headache feeling, keep reading.

Pie Tap Frosé

Betty Cocktail Margaritas

GREEN LIGHT: Water, water, WATER.

It’s so important to drink as much as possible. Get a good Hydroflask (the big one with the straw) and go after it. Maybe even throw in some Gatorade for electrolytes and a Sprite to settle a nauseous stomach (small sips), but you should ALWAYS be drinking water. I also discovered Chlorophyll drops in your water is the ULTIMATE way to get the hydration you need fast. Sounds weird but really works, I’ve turned all my friends onto it.


This is an interesting fact that I recently learned, but if you need to take a pain reliever of any kind, stick to Advil. If there’s any alcohol still lingering in your system, it may accentuate Tylenol’s toxic effect on your liver. Spooky.

GREEN LIGHT: Get moving!

I’m not saying you have to go ham in a Barry’s or SoulCycle class, but an easy jaunt around the block will get your system going and make you sweat to get all the toxins out. I always make myself go workout the next morning. Though it is tough, it’s honestly a surefire way to beat feeling like a bum all day.

RED LIGHT: Sitting around in your filth all day.

Ok, if I know Homebar, you probably have dirt on your feet. We don’t know why, we don’t know how, but just accept it and wash it off. Oh, and wash your face. The last thing we need is breakouts.

GREEN LIGHT: Treat yo’ skin.

Needs the hydration just as much as the rest of your body. Use a facial massager or jade roller to get some lymphatic drainage, aka get rid of puffiness. Follow up with a purifying face mask to get rid of congestion and then hydrating serum, cream, moisturizer to give it the drink of water it needs.

If all fails, there’s always Bubba’s.

Party on, my friends!



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