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‘Tis the season to counting every other Christmas cookie you consume and binging the latest Netflix release (cue “The Crown”). This time of year proves to be everyone’s favorite for many reasons. First of all, cold weather clothes are the chicest. And secondly, they successfully double as the perfect camouflage if you’re like me and aren’t quite Spring Break-body ready. Although, for those who disagree, just know you are more or less now synonymous with the Grinch in my book.

Anyways, next on my list of why I love winter, well besides dressing my Frenchies in matching embroidered sweaters, is that the brisk weather is perfect for sporting my favorite accessory: faux fur. To say I have an obsession with faux fur would be an understatement. I can’t help as I browse for the perfect gifts for my family to be simultaneously scanning for the next addition to my collection. Which proves holiday shopping to be even more difficult especially this year, considering my go-to online shopping sites are teeming with the best statement jackets for every occasion. With that being said, it will be very necessary to reward yourself for all your holiday giving. So here are some of my favorite faux fur options that are perfect for sprucing up any outfit, while also fitting in your post-Christmas budget.

Personally, I’m not sure there’s anything better than a jacket that speaks directly to my inner Elle Woods. My hunt for the perfect pink addition was originally inspired by one of my closest friends, Dallas Adams, but was actualized when I was scrolling through Revolve and found this gem. It instantly earned a top spot on my wish list for its versatility and price. I consider blush pretty much a neutral in my wardrobe, making this jacket easy to pair with just about everything; whether that’s dressing it down with jeans seen in this picture. Or styling it with an already eye-catching outfit.

Pretty much anything that features stars on it will immediately grab my attention; this jacket included.  It’s perfect for making a statement while its staple colors keep it very easy to throw on with just about anything for a night out.

While searching for the perfect gift for my sister, I came across this wardrobe must-have. I instantly thought how perfect it would be for any New Year’s festivities when paired with some sequins. Not to mention how warm it will keep you during the Uber rides in between venues.

Whether worn on a cool January day in Dallas or to your preferred après ski activity, this coat will ensure that you channel your inner snow bunny. I can vividly picture myself walking through the snowy streets of Lake Tahoe bundled in this coat and a beanie to match.



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