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Meet Molly Patrick, SMU’s VP and my QUEEN!

Molly is the best of both worlds: a stylish southern belle from Baton Rouge who lives and breathes all things politics. We could not ask for a more amazing vice president of our student body. Whether she’s studying for the LSAT, enjoying a good happy hour with friends, or channeling her inner yogi at Corepower, you can depend on her to drop whatever she’s doing to make SMU an even better place. And, she does all of this while looking FABULOUS! It’s important for everyone to know that Molly’s chic style and love for politics is just the cherry on top of her kind heart, contagious smile, and lively personality. Here are just a few things everyone should know about SMU’s classy and bright VP!

Meg: Majors/Minors?

Molly: I’m majoring in Political Science, Economics, and Public Policy and I’m minoring in Law and Legal reasoning

Meg: What’s been your favorite thing about serving as VP of student body?

Molly: My favorite thing about serving as VP has been watching my hopes and ideas for this school come to fruition. I came in as VP wanting to make this campus better, and while there’s definitely still work to do, I’m so happy I’ve been able to help make this campus a better, brighter, and safer version of itself. Moreover, all the amazing relationships I’ve made with students, administrators, and our amazing staff at SMU.

Meg: What made you want to be VP?

Molly: After serving as Student Concerns Committee Chairperson and hearing all the students’ recommendations and concerns, I felt a strong call to action. I knew that I wanted to continue to serve the SMU community and I wanted a strong platform that was really going to let me enact change across campus.

Meg: Do you feel like you had a successful year as VP?

Molly: The VP position is very ambiguous- you can either do very little or you can make some serious change. Thanks to some amazing people and senators, I was able to accomplish what I promised to on my campaign platform. A new campus-wide safety phone app is coming out that works as a mobile blue light system indoors and outdoors, flex is being put inside Ford Stadium for next football season, and two new parking garages are coming up shortly. I think Senate as a whole has been one of the most successful Senate administrations and I can’t wait to see what the next Senate can accomplish.

Meg: Go-to place to buy your “VP wardrobe” aka business professional clothes?

Molly: My number one place for VP wardrobe is hands down Zara!

Meg: Go-to shopping destinations?

Molly: Snider plaza and North Park never fail me! Online I love Revolve, Self-Portrait, and Misa!

Meg: How would you describe your style in three words?

Molly: Classy, chic, and always including a headband!

Meg: What are three things you can’t live without?

Molly: My family and friends, queso, and my dog!

Fingers crossed we see her campaigning for President soon!



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