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When it comes to bracelets I know I can never stack enough. Especially, when they are my MKB bracelets! MKB Beads is a small business that crafts cute and stylish beaded bracelets.

At a young age, MaryKate ran a friendship bracelet business where she sold custom and fun string bracelets. As she got older her passion for crafting grew with her, it was not until after graduating High School that she expanded her interest and launched MKB Beads. 3 and a half years later and MKB Beads has sold over 500 bracelets!

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What makes MKB Beads so special is the connection MaryKate has with her customers. She interacts directly with her customers to achieve their very own personalized stack!

“I am so lucky to be able to work with my customers’ hands-on. It is so fun to make their vision come to life!”

MaryKate promotes her business through Instagram but she has been expanding to other platforms such as TikTok! You can follow her @mkbbeads!

“I have heard the crazy benefits of using TikTok to grow small businesses so I decided to join the app. Even though I’m still really new, it has been cool to see the work it can do!”

MKB Beads offers an array of different designs, the gold beaded bracelet being the most popular. MKB Beads recently released a new collection to her business. This collection is full of bright colors and happy beads!

“My favorite design is the classic gold bead bracelet. The gold beads are so simple, elegant, and they honestly never go out of style! I am also obsessed with the new colored beads because they accentuate the gold beads. The bracelets are versatile which I love”

In the next year, MaryKate hopes to expand MKB Beads into more jewelry styles outside of the gold beads.

Photo Credit @mkbbeads

” I am obsessed with the chain jewelry trend, and I would like to create some products with a different chain. Since I’ll be graduating college, I am looking forward to dedicating more time to MKB Beads!”

Make sure to check out and follow MKB Beads on Instagram and TikTok @mkbbeads. I know I am obsessed with my gold bracelets that elevate any outfit! Happy shopping!

XX, Clementine

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