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It’s long overdue.. but FINALLY, Madi Phillips has stepped up to the podium and shared her fashion secrets with us. IMO, Madi is the #1 fashionista on campus and she is currently slaying while she studies abroad in London. Oh yes. Tea time and red telephone booths are part of her daily life over in the UK.

Straight out of Los Angeles (Westlake to be exact), Madi is a junior at SMU and is studying to rule the world one day. She is currently taking a break from the Dallas life and spending her days window shopping in Oxford Street, shopping at the Borough Market and hitting the pubs in the afternoon.

Once you get to know Madi, you’ll quickly realize her personality brings enthusiasm into your life and she leads you down a path you’d never go down. She inspires me to be edgy and creative, so it’s no shock that it shows in her wardrobe.

Madi rocks the chauffeur hat and vans sneaks as she walks the streets of London

Black may be her favorite color, but she always adds some color to make her outfits pop


Rocking a sheer backless top, and black mules

So, we can already tell Madi knows what she’s doing not only with her style but also her photography. She now has over four thousand followers on Instagram, and is a proud ambassador for RewardStyle and

No caption necessary.. goals.

Not sure how she is so good with matching her ensemble to the scenery around her. It’s amazing.

Check Madi out on Instagram @madmillerr to see more of these pics and to see where she buys her clothes.

PIPER. Who is your style icon?

PHILLIPS. 100% Bella Hadid or the Olsen twins

PIPER. Who are your top three Instagram influencers?

PHILLIPS.  @camillecharriere @maryljean @amandasteele

PIPER. How would you describe your own style in three words?

PHILLIPS. LA meets London

PIPER. What’s your favorite fashion piece?

PHILLIPS. My vintage Levi’s that were handed down to me by my mother.

PIPER. If you could make any trend happen, what would it be?

PHILLIPS. I wish there were fewer trends and more creativity…but, I would love to start seeing the tweed skirt  + tweed jacket combo more often. It’s a super classic CHANEL look.

PIPER. What’s your dream job for the future?

PHILLIPS. Something that combines marketing, tech, & fashion. My ultimate goal is to start my own company or a non-profit one day so I def have some ideas up my sleeve.

PIPER. Favorite stores to shop?

PHILLIPS. I’m always looking for one-of-a-kind stores with unique pieces that I can’t get anywhere else. My absolute nightmare is showing up with the same outfit as someone. But my go-to’s are Zara, & Other Stories, and Weekday.

PIPER. Do you prefer to dress casual or dress up?

PHILLIPS. Dress up…which is why I love SMU.

I’m so glad I got to share my best friend with the SMUStyle world. Be sure to keep her in mind one day because she’s going to be successful.



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