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Anyone who has met Ellie Yacoel would agree that she is easily the most fun, extravagant, and a one of a kind gal. 

Ellie is an Orange County girl who’s always life of the party and master of her own style. You will never find anyone wearing the same thing as Ellie, and her style reflects her fun and lively personality. I asked Ellie a series of questions so everyone can get to know her a little better:


V: Favorite place to shop online?

E: Dolls Kill 100%. I never get bored on Dolls Kill. They have the best stuff for any occasion.

V: Who is your style icon?

E: That’s a hard one, but probably Kylie Jenner. I love how we’ve been able to see Kylie’s style evolve and how she’s not afraid to wear bold colors and unique accessories.

V: What’s one item in your closet you couldn’t live without?

E: A little black dress. My favorite one is from Dolls Kill and it’s so easy and comfortable to wear.

V: Favorite accessory?

E: RINGS. I can’t leave the house without rings. I’m really into the rings with panthers and snakes from Adinas Jewels at the moment. I also wear cat eye sunglasses any chance I get!

V: Favorite vacation spot?

E: St. Tropez. St. Tropez is probably the most fabulous place I’ve ever been to and I love how you can wear whatever you want. I like to refer to it as the capital of fun.

V: What’s one word to describe your style?

E: I would say my style is very eccentric. I love wearing things that I know no one else is going to wear. I love wearing big colorful faux fur coats in the winter, and I love a good fun pair of pants.

V: What is your go to beauty product?

E: I could never live without eyeshadow. I like making a soft wing out of my eyeshadow, and using it as highlighter. It is essential for completing my look.

V: What is one thing you could wear everyday and not get tired of?

E: Anything with fuzz. Fuzzy shoes, slides, tops with fuzz. You name it, and if it’s lined with fuzzies, I’ll wear it.

Thanks for sharing your style secrets with us. The one and only, Ellie Yacoel everyone!

xoxo, Valentina

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