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It’s impossible to miss all of Carlton Adam’s campaign photos, they’re everywhere! From Facebook, to the the Boulevard, and even Insta, his campaign game is as strong as his classic southern SMU style. In his retro glasses (yes, they’re prescription – I asked) and country club chic attire, he is our stylish pick for upcoming student body president! We sat down with Carlton this week to get the inside scoop between cabinet meetings and class and right before elections.



SMUstyle: Tell us about yourself!

Carlton Adams: My name is Carlton Adams and I am a junior Economics major from Dallas, Texas. I am the youngest of 6 kids and I have a twin sister, Kristen, who attends TCU – ironic ha. My dogs, Sophie and Lucy, are both English Mastiffs and spending time with them is one of my favorite hobbies. I also enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and water-sports, like wake-boarding and wake-surfing. I am the proud uncle of three nieces, and hanging out with them is also one of my favorite things to do!




SS: Why did you pick SMU? What made you choose to run for presidency?

CA: In the back of my mind, when I was applying to schools, I always knew I would end up at SMU. I applied to 6 schools, but once I was offered the Hunt Scholarship, I knew SMU would be my final choice. I also have strong family ties at SMU, and they pushed me to attend the school. It was those family ties along with my love for the institution that drove me to run for Student Body President. I know I’m the most qualified candidate for the position, serving as a First-Year Senator, Pre-Major Senator, Membership Chair and Dedman Senator. I have spent all of my Tuesdays here in the Student Senate chamber since I walked onto this campus and couldn’t imagine spending my Tuesday afternoons any other way.


SS: Okay, so give us a low down on your political platform…

CA: My platform has three points: Opportunity, Community and SMUnity. I believe students should be more aware of the opportunities they have both on and off campus. This would be achieved through the All University Calendar and Centralized Resource Center. Community is my second platform, where a safer community is a big focus – improving GiddyUp services, maintenance of lighting on campus, improved crosswalks and a Student Senate Safety Week. Last is SMUnity, the mantra of my campaign! I hope to improve SMUnity by further implementing the SMU Value Statement across campus, making the value statement more visible and highlight the SMU Value Statement during freshman orientation. Also through an All Organizations Day in the Spring. In the Fall we have Night at the Club, but the Spring should have an event just as significant that encourages involvement in the Spring semester. The All Organizations Day would also promote pride in any and all involvement in any of the hundreds of organization on campus. And last, through improving transparency within Student Senate – making any and all information and decisions made in the chamber readily accessible and known to the Student Body.




SS: What role do you think style plays in politics here at SMU?

CA: Style plays into politics at SMU in regards to knowing what to wear and when to wear it. Meaning, what constitutes business casual versus business professional or when it is appropriate to wear what type of clothing.. In my opinion, I would rather be overdressed than underdressed but casual ‘Wear Red Friday’ is always a must ha!




SS: What are three words you would use to describe your style?

CA: Comfy, professional, when needed, and weather-dependent. Nothing is worse than walking around all day wearing something that isn’t comfortable or than wearing too much or too little clothes when the Dallas weather changes, as frequently as it does and nothing is more awkward than being over-dressed or under-dressed.


SS: What’s your favorite accessory in your closet

CA: Definitely a sport coat.




SS: We know everyone loves a good boulevard, but tell me about one of your other favorite SMU past times?

CA: My time on the Student Senate is definitely a favorite past time. This organization has been the reason for many of my friendships and relationships at SMU, and an organization I hope to continue to make memories in it. I am so proud to be a contributing member to this prestigious organization, and hope I have the chance to give back to the Student Senate, as much as, if not more than it has given to me.


More information on Carlton and his campaign can be found at his website or on his Facebook page! Don’t forget to vote in the elections on April 1st and 2nd!!

xx, D

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