Patchology: The 5 Minute Test

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Patchology is a skin care line that promises to get the job done with five-minute patches. I decided to test out a few of their products and see if results were actually possible in such a short amount of time.

I wanted to cover all parts of my face, so I picked up the Wink & A Kiss Kit, Restoring Night Eye Gels, and The Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Kit.

The Wink & A Kiss Kit | $10 | Recommend / Don’t Recommend

The Wink & A Kiss Kit contains 2 sets of eye gels and 2 lips gels. I’ve used the eye gels before – I actually finished my pack thus prompting me to go purchase more Patchology products. I was excited to try the lip gels because I always seem to have dry lips no matter how much water I consume and how many times I re-apply lip balm throughout the day. I used the eye gels in the morning and the lip gels right before I went to bed. The eye gels gave me the wide-awake look despite the little hours of sleep I got. Once I removed the lip gels, I did notice a subtle bit of moisture, however, nothing life changing. But the next day, my lips continued to have the same moisture so I think with continued use there is great potential for perfect lips.

Restoring Night Eye Gels | $20 | Recommend / Don’t Recommend

I was most excited to try the Restoring Night Eye Gels. I have lines underneath my eyes which never seem to be the same every day. Some days they will be very noticeable and other days they’re non-existent. The directions recommend putting them on between 10 pm and midnight because that’s the best time to restore your skin. I’ve only used the gels for four nights and I can already tell a difference. They’re essentially the same as the regular eye gels just with added retinol to help with plumping.

The Perfect Weekend FlashMasque Kit  | $20| Recommend / Don’t Recommend

This kit contains three five-minute masks (Hydrate, Illuminate, Milk Peel) and is supposed to be a little spa-weekend for your face. I started with the Milk Peel, then the Hydrate, and finished off with the Illuminate. There is a lot of product on the masks so I used the excess serum on my neck. After using the Milk Peel on the first day my face was genuinely glowing – it was exfoliated, yet also deeply moisturized. The Hydrate and Illuminate both did what they promised, but didn’t amaze me quite like the Milk Peel. By the end of the three days, I noticed significant improvement with my skin’s hydration and overall tone.

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