Palette: A Must-See in NYC

October 18, 2018 by

Shopping is cardio. Therefore, it definitely burns hundreds of calories. So if you wish to maintain enough energy to keep sorting through sales racks, trying on magical shoes and testing out new beauty products, a quick lunch break is an absolute must. Bergdorf Goodman (aka heaven on earth) saved every shopaholics shopping sprees and opened Palette, a little café where everyone can dine and refuel in serious style!

I went to New York over fall break and almost shopped until I dropped in Bergdorf’s, but shopping until you drop is not a thing in my world. My hangry side told me to go to Palette to get some munchies, and OMG it was like being in a fantasy world! Yes the food was good, but the ambience was what really blew me out of the water. It was AMAZING all thanks to Ashley Longshore, a New Orleans-based artist who illustrates pop culture through sassy yet stunning multimedia art.

Forget the food, the atmosphere alone can easily reboot anyone’s shopping energy. Palette is exploding with bright colors, sparkle, and the most exhilarating artwork that makes you want to explore the restaurant and never sit down. From portraits of Frido Kahlo to completely relatable quotes, there is just SO much to see.

Not one ounce of the room is boring. After drooling over Ashley Longshore’s masterpieces on the walls for probably an hour, I sat down and realized the tables, chairs and placemats were just as gorgeous. Pink sparkly booths, embellished chairs, Ashley Longshore designed placemats…could it get any better??? I don’t think so!

Through butterfly chandeliers, jeweled wallpaper and dazzling paintings, Ashley Longshore combined glamour and humor to create a vibrant, energetic atmosphere that will put a smile on everyone’s face. So, while no one should ever cry at Bergdorf Goodman, there is really no excuse now that Palette exists…

….Unless you’re leaving!!!

If you’re ever doing some major shopping cardio in New York, stop by Palette to get some fuel…and pictures at the most Instagram-ready café to ever exist!



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