Skin Savior: Five At-Home Remedies To Treat Acne

September 5, 2018 by

There are a few things worse than waking up, looking in the mirror and noticing a giant pimple that has magically appeared in the middle of your face! But wait – no need for panic. I’ve come across five home remedies to help treat those who get the occasional stress zit or those who struggle with chronic acne.

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Ready, Set, WHITEOUT

August 30, 2018 by

Survived syllabus week…check! Already drowning in boatloads of homework…check! Counting down the days until the Dallas heat dies…check! Sounds like we are all back into the groove of things! Well, almost. In order to do fall semester right, there is still a HUGE thing we need to cross off the list…boulevarding!!! Good news: BLVD SZN is only one week away!

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