One Skirt, Four Ways

May 3, 2017 by

I recently purchased a jean skirt, which for me was something truly outstanding. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but I could never find the ideal one that fit me properly around my waist and wasn’t too tight or too long. Issues, man. I thought this dream skirt didn’t exist, UNTIL my friend who was visiting came home from Zara with it in hand. My dream turned into a reality, and the next day I dragged her back to try it on for myself. On a whim, I ended up buying it. lol are you really surprised?

For the past 6 months, the idea of a jean skirt had been lingering in the back of my head. I wanted one, but would I really wear it? Would I have anything to wear with it? Would it even look good on me or am I just a trend seeker? After the initial purchase, buyer’s remorse set in and I questioned whether or not it was worth it.

I’m here I am, as a survivor to tell you that yes, it is worth it. I’ve worn mine much more than expected and find in emergency times when I have “nothing to wear,” but a closet full of cl0thes, it’s something easy to throw on with a breezy top or graphic shirt.

This skirt is different from the rest I’ve seen. I was attracted to it for its use of the fray on the hem and the high waist. I feel in love with it because of the shorts underneath. You heard that right!! It’s actually a skort!! And a really cute one for that matter. But, if you aren’t as in love with it as I am, Zara has a plethora for you to choose from here. They’re basically a dime a dozen right now.

Anyway, this post is not supposed to be PR for one Zara jean skirt, but instead a post on how I have been/would wear it in four different scenarios. All the clothes came directly from my personal closet, too.

For a day of errands or class…

Lol I’m an art nerd and comfort freak so this might be my favorite look I put together, and it only took three items!! The skirt is actually surprisingly comfy and very forgiving in the waist area, so it’s very do-able for sitting in a chair or getting in and out of a car. I also imagined this look with one of those cool clear backpacks and some dainty jewelry.

For the working girl or an interview…

…or at least if your job doesn’t require strict business-wear. This is what I would consider the “cool” version of a Canadian tuxedo. Another benefit of this skirt is that it’s a reasonable length. It hits me a little lower than mid-thigh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a mini-skirt, but it covers everything in the back. So, I would say it’s acceptable for work. Go from the office to a fun dinner by adding the fuzzy purse pictured and unbuttoning the shirt so it hangs off the shoulder like this (been dying to try it out!!!).

For OT Wednesday/Homebar Thursday…

The tank over a shirt has been my favorite trend recently. I’m going to take my own advice and wear this out this week, you heard it here first folks!!

For the Uptown groupie…

It was kinda impossible to translate this look from my head to the hanger, so I hope it looks as good to you all and I imagined it. The shirt under the white leather jacket (or pleather shall I say bc I got it off ASOS) is actually a black halter bodysuit that ties around the neck and leaves the back exposed. Plus, my Zara mini-purse!!! It’s so tiny my iPhone Plus doesn’t even fit in it, but I still love it. Add some funky earrings and you’re set.

Hopefully, this helps you to take the leap and buy a jean skirt. Also, hope I see someone flaunting a similar ensemble this week!!! lol



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