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Monday is a b*tch. If you’re sitting in class reading this right now, I’m sorry, and, I feel your pain. In better news, my roommate just reminded me that fall break is near (thank God).
Well the crew went downtown this Sunday, and sat down for brunch at The Joule Hotel’s in-house restaurant, CBD Provisions. Of course we chatted about boulevard experiences, and everybody’s new obsession with Sisu, but more importantly, we brainstormed and assigned the posts for this week (fabulous). The food was absolutely incredible. Although all of my pictures from the meeting are of food (sorry I’m awkward and there were people everywhere), I’m going to give you a first-hand perspective of the team, and their contributions at breakfast.

Addison : First couple weeks on the team, and she’s killin’ it. She’s super in-the-know, and keeps us updated on who is doing what, and where. She’s pretty chill, but has this exciting edge about her that I look forward to finding more about.

Sara: She’s like a creative machine, always coming up with epic posts and improving the ideas we come up with. I love Sara’s style because it is so unique, but a direct embodiment of her personality. Her demeanor is polished, and I have no doubt that she will be America’s favorite first lady someday.

Adriana: It’s awkward bc Adriana has me CRACKING UP throughout our meetings. She boasts excitement, comedy, style, and fun. She always has the best jewelry, and is a vital entity on the team. If the team was a plate of food, Adriana would be that spicy marinade that is full of flavor and completes the meal.

Jessica:  Obsessed. So fashionable, always always always. She’s a hard worker and is already bringing new stuff to the table. Jess is so sweet it’s unreal. She can carry on a convo with anyone and I can tell everyone is so happy to have her ebullient personality on the team.

Daniela: Daniela and I go way back, and I can’t say much has changed (except maybe the IMPECCABLE additions to her resume [you go girl]). She’s graceful and delicate, but also has this crazy-awesome fashion sense that puts her above the rest. Daniela will probably be a nicer, and more Miami-inspired Grace Coddington in the future, so keep your eye on her.

Shannon: Quite possibly the coolest person I know. Shannon is pretty reserved, but when she speaks you know what she’s saying is legit. She isn’t trendy, she sets trends. Giving her the most coveted wardrobe award, because wowowowow, when is she not wearing something that isn’t to-die-for.

Nati: Don’t quote me, but Nati might be the greatest person you will ever meet. She is a DIE HARD Nick Jonas fan, but actually lives for the Man Repeller (remember me when you’re her assistant). She is a fashion genius, and unbelievably hilarious.


Back to the food—so amazing. CBD Provisions’ menu may be modest in the number of items, but the dishes bleed flavorful, savory goodness. The service was amazing, and the atmosphere was inviting. CBD is definitely joining my go-to list for Dallas, and I might or might not be making a reservation for next weakend (cheers)! Although none of us indulged in Sunday morning comfort drinking, my eyes kept darting to the concoctions exiting the bar…..let me just say, next time, I’m starting with the drink menu.


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Well,  that wraps up the first post of this week, so good luck and God speed through these next 5 days. Thankfully, most hell-weeks should be over, so enjoy some well-deserved rest before the next round of testing. If nothing else, stay fashionable, because the world could always use a little less ugly.




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