Ode to Colette

November 28, 2017 by

Tuesdays in Paris are a sacred thing. Each week, I finish my morning French class, pop in my earphones and promptly hop on the metro towards the heart of Paris. I stroll a couple blocks down Rue St. Honorè and find myself back in front of Colette. Each week its different, and each week I fall in love with it all over again.

Colette is spontaneous, forward thinking, and one of a kind. It’s Basquiat skateboards, and Paper magazine. It’s that special edition Taschen book next to Rolling Stones on vinyl. It’s rows of mink phone cases, Balmain hair perfume, YSL lighters, and blue Chanel lip gloss. It’s Giovanna Battaglia surrounded by 100 balloons. It’s the Thom Browne unicorn straight off the Runway. It’s choosing from nearly 100 waters while you lunch next to Caroline De Maigret. It’s a new window display every time you pass. It’s a breath of fresh (and Colette scented!) air that distracts us from the chaos of current society. It’s fashion, art, culture, music, love.

Since its opening in 1997, Colette has been a go-to destination for insiders and fanatics of the fashion industry. Founded by Colette Roussaux, and more recently directed by her daughter Sarah Andelman, the store is unlike any other concept boutique in Paris or around the world. With the retirement of Roussaux this year, Colette will close its doors for good on Dec 20th.

The closing of Colette signals the end of an era, but its spirit lives on with those who were lucky enough to say “Colette? I was there!” and tell their own tales of the fantasy inside the doors of 213 Rue St. Honorè. The magic of the boutique is that whether you are a Karl or a wanderer on the streets of Paris, whether you leave with an it bag or simply a story, you leave Colette with a piece of Parisian history, free of charge.

If you happen to be in Paris during December you know where to find me!

xx, MB

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