New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Basic

December 31, 2019 by

Not to call anyone out, but we’ve all been guilty of making our resolution for the new year to ‘lose weight’ or ‘hit the gym’ at some point or another. Don’t fall into that pattern and start the decade as a basic b*tch, and pick one of these SMU Style approved resolutions. Practicing these habits each day will benefit your overall wellbeing and are great for managing the hectic semester ahead.

Be More Organized

If you find yourself always scrambled and doing things last minute, prioritize organization and planning this new year. Being more organized can reduce stress and anxiety, and allows you to feel more in control of your life! Simply invest in a giant calendar to write everything down, or a new planner to start the year fresh. Another tip, when you have an assignment or big test coming up, put it into your phone as soon as you find out. Set reminders for yourself so you can accomplish little goals every day.



                        2020 Planner


                 2020 Wall Calendar

Stretch More 

Prioritize your physical health this year, by ensuring that you stretch your muscles each day. Yoga apps such as Asana Rebel and Alo Moves provide free yoga routines you can practice in your apartment or dorm. Alo Moves is a subscription purchase, but try it out for 14 days free first to see if you like it! For an upgrade price, you can receive premium content such as HIIT workouts and more! I personally use Asana Rebel, and it is a great resource to fit in a quick workout and target certain areas. You can also use Youtube to find stretch flows and routines to follow for all free content.

                 Alo Moves Membership

Reach 10,000 Steps per Day

For those of us who want fitness-oriented goals, try setting a number of steps per day you want to reach. Wearing a Fitbit or Apple Watch can help you track this throughout the day. Reaching 10,000 steps is a good starting goal, and go up as it gets easier for you. Walking is an awesome form of exercise and a great way to stay in shape if you are too busy to hit the gym every day.


                        Apple Watch

Take a Tech Cleanse

Taking a break from technology can be a huge life-saver. Social media, email, and schoolwork all pile up and seem to leave us with an endless sea of tabs that are always open. Pick how often you want to take your tech cleanse and for how long. For many of us, it is the most beneficial to put down the screens about 1-2 hours before bed every night in order to truly wind down and find a deep sleep. You can slowly train yourself to do this by picking up a book or get some school reading in before you go to bed. Having a low-key activity to do before going to bed such as reading or a full skincare routine will help destress you and have you refreshed for the day ahead! Indulge in some of these listed below:

You’ll Grow Out of It

Nice is Just a Place in France

I hope some of these resolutions will give you the best year yet!



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