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January 30, 2017 by

New Year’s is overrated, THERE, I SAID IT.

New Year’s Eve – the queen of the hit or miss holidays. You could end the night with a head full of Veuve, a passionate kiss under a fireworks-filled sky, dressed in the slinkiest sequin concoction you could find. OR, you could find yourself alone, at midnight, on your couch, head-to-toe slouchfit complete with smeared mascara and skinny Cheeto dust, kissing your cardboard cutout of Zac Efron from HSM3. The options are endless.
But the realll good part about NYE isn’t the party, or the boy, or even the bubbly. The one actually decent thing this holiday brings with it is the chance to start fresh, to rearrange your outlook and prepare as best you can for the year ahead. And maybe clean the pile of things that have collected on that chair in your room (everyone knows you have that chair, we all have that chair).

So here’s to finding new, non-cliché ways to start #fresh. Our bloggers are sharing their goals and expectations for the sure-to-be-memorable year to come.

Good looks ’17, we’re enchanted to meet you.

Nati – To enjoy the presence of every human I come across this semester, forget every Thursday, and score employment by June

Addison – Put a dent in the ever-growing pile of magazines and books beside my bed; do, like, one healthy thing a week (idk a whole workout feels like a lot to ask); soak up the last few months in Dallas with lots of friends, festivities, and food 🙂

Sara – To live it up this semester because next year I won’t be able to go to work hungover the way I can go to class, and to stop telling people about my dogs who don’t want to hear (which is probably everyone).

Adriana – Because I’m a senior (sniff) and this is obviously my last semester (sniff x2), my resolution is to go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, no matter what. I might temporarily delete my Netflix account.

Emily – To make it to my one Friday class while never missing a Thursday night, find that dream job, and spend less time watching The Office in bed and more time outside exploring Dallas.

Elaina – To take more walks, wear the clothes in my closet I never touch, and actually use the planner I buy every year that always stays empty.

Gianna – Stop using the dog filter on Snapchat.

Clare – I hereby vow to actually use my membership at the Pilates Barre.

Caroline – Stop overthinking things and set realistic goals: i.e. Buy more shoes, drink more wine, and never go to the gym. I think I can pull that off.

Maggie – Make friends with the Park N’ Pony man and work on my mambo taxi dependency issues.

Chase – To find a good internship that i enjoy, focus on getting into the advertising school and actually stop watching Netflix and get to the gym 🙄.

Cairo – To stick to the diet I swore I wasn’t going to break…. The froyo from the dining halls is healthy, right?

Alegra – Put my phone down and take time off social media, read more books and stop worrying about the little things.

Sarah – Going out out less and eating in the dining hall more, and to find a good new show.

Lauren – To be more invested in people, interested in people’s lives, less dependent on my phone.

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