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Coming out of this rainy slump we’ve been in this past month (the rainiest February in Dallas history to be exact), I’ve been so relieved to finally see this beautiful spring weather! Although I hate to say goodbye to the all-black ensemble, it’s always fun to lighten the mood when the flowers start blooming again.

My latest obsession to switch up your style? Nail art.

Simple. Unexpected. Unique. It’s like jewelry you never take off.

The key here is simplicity. No one needs to see a full-body portrait of sponge-bob on your pointer. Also, that’s tacky and sad. This also goes for holidays. I don’t need to see a detailed American flag on your nail at the 4th of July barbecue, Karen. How long did you wait for that to dry so you could flaunt this expression of ‘patriotism’?

The other day I went to Castle Nails. I showed them this picture from Pinterest and asked if they had a nail technician who could give me the design. The guy at the front desk chuckled, muttered something (probably insulting? I can take it) to his coworker, but eventually set me up with a girl named Ni who killed it.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments if that says anything. The clear coat can be substituted for anything your heart desires. Maybe even get funky with it… add some eyelashes.

I’ve collected some nail art inspiration over the years on my Pinterest (Yes, I still use pinterest. Why doesn’t everyone? So underrated). But check out some of these simplistic, modern designs that will take your mani to the max.


idk how they did this but cute, right?

Very cool. Try this for the 4th… looking at you Karen.

Nail art might not be Castle Nails’ forte, but there’s lots of places around Dallas with technicians who master detailed designs. Gloss Nail & Spa actually specializes in nail art and has a reputation for giving a mean ombré dip manicure.

Flaunting a design you’re proud of? Send me a pic at 713-408-1299 and we’ll feature you on our Instagram! Gotta be a sick pic tho. Maybe your nail art next to some cappuccino art, which will be my next post.*

*cappuccino art will not be my next post

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