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November 20, 2015 by

They’re like Friends without Chandler, Ross, and Joey, Gossip Girl minus the opulence, and The Hills with no LA skyline and beach. The Bedford Stop is on my favorites list, and sooner or later it will be on yours too.

Set in Williamsburg, NY, the origin of these new webisodes arose when Mikey Ortiz deemed a close friend Olena Yatsyuk, one of the stars and pictured below, worthy enough for her own reality show. So, Olena grabbed friends Alex, Sarah, and Melissa, Mikey charged up his video camera, and thus, the series was born!


The show follows the girls in their day-to-day, normal antics. The audience sees everything from Olena getting Tinder headshots, to brunch, Halloween, and a decision to make a night out of bowling and drinking. It’s as if the cast hopped out of Girls, without Lena Dunham’s genius and witty remarks, of course.

Sounds pretty basic and boring, right? So, what’s so special about series anyway?


Well, the girls are actually getting major buzz, and by that, I mean mostly hate. These girls are real and don’t have the fluff, glamour, and acting like most of the reality shows on tv, which makes them even more of a target for critics. Saying phrases such as “I don’t care if we’re in World War III or a big argument…” and “You’re gonna get Ebola and die!” doesn’t help either.

However, I find the girls hilarious and refreshing. I mean, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who get anxiety over Instagram likes and doesn’t get out of bed until 12pm on weekends. Essentially, it’s easier to relate and find a piece of yourself in Olena and her fresh-out-of-college friends than in the impossibly dramatic world of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari in Laguna Beach. Plus, their outfits are so minimalistic and on point its unreal.


So, if you get bored of your fam over Thanksgiving break, take 16 minutes of your time and watch the pilot “Tinder Me Softly” (lol). Granted, they only have one webisode out currently, however, thanks to the beauty of social media, you’re free to stalk them on their TwitterInstagramFacebookYouTube, and website.

Get to watching, ladies!!! Don’t wanna miss out on the next big thing!



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