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With the semester coming to a close and the thought of going home is looming, one thing is haunting: the idea of PACKING for A MONTH.

The thought came to me this morning and I can’t stop thinking about it. The fact that I have to pack my life, unsure of what will happen over the next month, is daunting and frightening. I’m a girl who LOVES options; I don’t care how big my suitcase is or how much I bring with me as long as I have it. Only true over packers will understand.

It’s not just clothes and shoes that I overpack, but I am famous (in my own mind) for bringing home every ounce of makeup or skincare product that I SWEAR to myself I can’t live without. I hope I’m not the only one out there when I say my three, yes THREE, cosmetic bags are the one thing I can never squeeze, but can’t seem to downsize.

As part of my pre-New Year’s resolutions, I decided to attack this packing problem HEAD ON and start to organize a little earlier this year, that way I don’t end up shoving everyone and their mother into my tiny suitcase. Let’s take this one step at a time and discuss the best travel beauty. With the help of my friend Kennedy, beauty guru-extraordinaire as I like to refer to her, here’s a solid list of the do’s and don’ts, or nice and naughties (happy holidays!), of travel cosmetics.


Start early and get travel-size necessities. Minis are always the best option, but this tends to be the one thing I forget to do EVERY TIME and I end up having to buy a new deodorant or toothpaste when I get home. Can you say waste of time? A few things I need in my arsenal include dry shampoo, hairspray, facial cleanser, and moisturizer. Thank god Sephora’s Holiday kits are out (cruise through that section online, you can waste some major time). You can really get some bang for your buck and get everything you need all wrapped up in a tiny package.


Shattering your favorite powder blush and expensive eyeshadow palette. Instead, reach for cream products aka RMS Living LuminizerSoleil Tan de Chanel, and Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender (Ken says this is the COOLEST new brand and suggests everyone try). I just know when I finally close the suitcase, all my beautiful powered products have been crushed. This piece of advice is sure to change that.

RMS Luminizer

Chanel Cream Bronzer

Mally Beauty Poreless Mattifier


Find dem multitaskers. A lot of cream products mentioned above work as great multitaskers- Chanel bronzer for face and eyes & RMS luminizer on cheeks and eyes. Remember your favorite lipstick can always double as a blush and your favorite champagne or bronze eyeshadow as a highlighter. Easy peasy!

YSL Glossy Stain Lip Color



Not weeding out the pointless crap. Before throwing in the serum, self-tanner or extra eyeshadow palette, ask yourself: do I reeallllyyyyy need it? Or will it just sit alone on my counter untouched for a month? Weed out the clutter and only bring the NECESSARY things. Less mess = calm brain, happy mind, happy life. Your daily dose of inspiration.

I hope we’ve all learned a little something today, including myself. Shoutout to Kennedy Farris for being my everything beauty go-to <3



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