Music Monday: WALLS

October 17, 2016 by

There a few things in life that get me giddy on a Friday morning: bagels after a night out at Homebar, class being cancelled, and of course– a new album drop. After sitting, waiting, and wishing for magic– Kings of Leon did not disappoint.


Releasing their 7th album, Walls, does nothing but make any KOL fan happy to hear the BEST sound. Some bands just try to outdo the last album, switch up their sound to fit in with what’s playing on the radio, but seven albums later, Kings of Leon have stayed true to themselves.

The album– Walls– features some of the greatest “let’s go for a drive” songs, along with a few “lets just sing in the shower” and “let’s make out on the couch” hits.

A few remarkable ones include: Wild, Muchacho, Waste a Moment, and my personal favorites are tied between Around the World and Reverend.

Make sure you give Walls a listen now that their tour dates are released!!

xx, n_bru

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