MTV Movie & TV Awards ’17: Who Dressed the Best & Who Failed

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The MTV movie awards were this past Sunday, and of course, everyone came dressed to impress… or at least dressed to make a statement.

Lots of things happened during the star-studded event. Adam DeVine aka Adam from “Workaholics” hosted and brought the house down (literally) with his Beauty and the Beast opener, Noah Cyrus performed (not to get confused with her older sisters scandy “Blurred Lines” performance), and not to mention that “Stranger Things” aka my favorite show (counting down til Halloween for season 2) won Best Show. But besides all that, what I was most concerned with ~per usual~ were the outfits.

I’m never too shocked about the looks that come out of the MTV/any other awards show that isn’t the Oscar’s or the Golden Globes. I’m never happy about it, but never too upset either. It’s refreshing to see that creativity and imagination still exist in the world. However, some people should just keep their ideas to themselves. I get it, you’re taking a huge risk and being a fashion daredevil, but just because you wear it doesn’t mean that you’re a trendsetter.

Anyway, here are some of my one-liners about the ensembles I saw last night. A mix of the good, the bad, and the horrible.

Yara Shahidi– Aka the adorable daughter from “Black-ish.” She’s my younger brothers age, 17 years young, and she’s already slaying at life. Some people may fight me on this, but I think she may have been my favorite. Love the colors, the cut, the shoes. A+ Yara.

Shay Mitchell– I’ll give her mad probs for doing this. Not a fan of the print (she took “Cheetah girls” to the next level), but the cutouts flatter her and the dress overall fits her super well.

Cara Delevingne– I was really intrigued by this. Not because I loved it, but because I hated it. Nothing makes me more upset than snakes so this horrifies me. Plus, don’t know what happened to your hair, Cara, but bring it bacckkkkkk.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead– Don’t know who this is (I think she’s the best friend from the “Carrie Diaries”), but I really love it. She looks like a rug, in a really cool and best way possible.

Yvonne Orji– Again, another person I’ve never heard of/seen before, but I’m digging the green (Pantone’s color of the year!!!!- check out Sarah’s post). I wanna steal the velvet clutch and make it my own FOR SURE. Zendaya had the same idea with the color and she looked 10000x better this night than she did at the Met. This just goes to show how flattering this color is on.



The youngsters ie Lonnie Chavis and Millie Bobby Brown might have been some of the best dressed there solely because they didn’t try too hard. Black and white were the names of the game for these two + major points for awesome shoes!!!!

Farrah Abraham– Goodbye. I have nothing to say about this. She should stick to reality TV.

Emma Watson– The real life BELLE of the ball. She’s gorgeous and really stepped out of her box with the glitter accent.

Trace Lysette– Another actor I’ve never come across (maybe I’m just really out of the loop?), but she’s on my worst dressed list. I’ve never met more ill-fitting pants.

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall– I get it, you’re not really famous for anything special (Kim K famous shall I say), but could you actually not find a better shirt than a PURPLE GINGHAM one?

Allison Williams– I’m gonna end on a good n0te and say Allison Williams looked awesome. Never bored or disappointed with this GIRL. She looked the most mature out of everyone and I was so happy about it.

OVERALLLL, these award shows are always cooky, I have to just let that be and expect it. Hey, at least I get a good laugh out of it. However, I didn’t hate everything, which is a first. And on that positive note, I bid y’all a farewell and a good luck as we head into finals week!!



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