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Dress for the journey.

Federico Canavati, Cox School of Business ’15, has already cemented himself in the fashion and business world a mere two years after graduating from SMU. The Canavati family has years of experience in the realms of fashion, so his success comes as no surprise. He recently founded Mavens Cove, a retail destination for men that specializes in coastal wear for the naval lifestyle. Mavens Cove’s innovative designs and collections dress men for the exciting journey of life; whether it is at the beach, on a yacht ride or in a sailboat competition.

AB: Tell me a little about Mavens Cove and how it all began?

FC: It all started with my older brother Adrian, who as well as myself is an SMU alumni. When he lived in Dallas, he started noticing the little to no supply of Guayaberas and linen shirts in the market. The few products he found; he found to be extremely over priced with mediocre linens or regular quality manufacturing. We decided to look online, and after an extensive market research, we couldn’t find a top quality coastal wear website with fine linens either. After we talked it over, we decided to bring the world an online shopping destination designed to celebrate the naval lifestyle with high quality products from all around the globe.

AB: What is the meaning behind the brand’s name: Mavens Cove?

FC: A Maven, is an expert or connoisseur. While Cove, means a small indentation or a recess in the shoreline of a sea, lake or river. Our manufacturing company has over 75 years of experience in the art of Mexican craftsmanship in two state of the art facilities. Therefore, we consider ourselves Mavens in the industry and our cove is our website.

AB: What was the inspiration behind the collection?

FC: Our main inspiration is our passion for the coastal life. In order to live the coastal life however, you must learn how to dress for it. A huge problem now a days is “What to wear to a beach wedding?” Beach weddings have become extremely popular, and some men have no idea what to wear. I’ve seen it all, guys with their great grandfather’s linen shirt, guys wearing a regular white button downs (The same shirt they use for work). I wonder “What the heck are they wearing!” So, we decided to solve their problems, with Mavens Cove, men find what they need to wear when they are in hot cities or near the beach.

AB: Expand a little on the slogan, “Dress For the journey”

FC: Our slogan speaks for itself; we want to dress you for your next walk by the beach, yacht ride, or your next sailboat competition. Let Mavens Cove dress you fresh, comfortable, and elegant.

AB: Are there any other brands associated with Mavens Cove?

FC: Yes, we carry two brands, Mavens Cove, and Uxmal by Manchester.

The Mavens Cove brand, carries knitwear and sources fabrics and yarns from the best mills in Italy. Attention to detail in the garments, and the manufacturing process is reflected in all of our products. Mavens Cove has a sophisticated yet natural look.

Uxmal by Manchester carries our Linen shirts and Guayaberas. Sourcing the finest fabrics in the world, the perfect fit to dress right and feel fresh.

AB: What role has your family played in the fashion and clothing industry?

FC: My family has been in the clothing industry since 1939, when great grandfather started a manufacturing company in Mexico called Manchester, where it has been the leading brand from the 1950’s till the day. Currently, three generations of my family work in the family business, following my great grandfather’s passion for quality and excellence. My brother and I bended the factory’s experience with our passion for elegance and fashion, making a great quality product, with the modern looks.

AB: What are some plans for the future?

FC: Plans for the near future include exposure not only in the internet, but physically as well. We have plans to have a pop up shop in Wellington, at the equestrian festival, as a well as the Miami Boat show, just to name a few. We have a great product, we just need to let the world know!

A special thanks to Federico Canavati for sharing with us the story behind Mavens Cove.

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-Adriana Bremer

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