Makeup Forever Impresses With New HD Blush Collection

February 20, 2014 by

For the beauty obsessed, any chance to try out new products or talk endlessly about makeup is welcomed with open (mascara smeared) arms. So you can imagine when Makeup Forever asked me to attend a private showing of their new HD blush collection, I cooed and swooned like a 14-year-old girl at a One Direction concert.


Walking into the Makeup Forever Pro store at North Park Mall, I was immediately greeted by the four fabulous makeup artists present at the event. We “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” at all the beautiful products laid out on the tables and made our way over to a spread of delicious treats. One of them handed me a delicate jelly-filled cookie in the shape of a heart while another opened up a mini bottle of Moet & Chandon with soft rose-gold packaging. Popping in a straw, I was handed the little bottle to enjoy as I explored the new shades of blush and swatched different colors on my hand. Needless to say, I definitely felt like they rolled out the red carpet for their guests!



Testing out different shades, I noticed the creaminess and high pigmentation of each blush and was immediately impressed. Each one melted into my skin like butter! These new HD cream blushes were formulated to look natural on the skin while also being long-lasting. They are super blendable and give a perfect, skin-like appearance. The new line also boasts a huge array of colors to choose from, ranging from beautiful soft pinks to dark sultry nudes and browns. The numbering system on the blushes helps different skin tones to choose the color that would suit them the best. For example, blushes marked with numbers in the 100’s signifies fair skin and the 500’s signifies dark-skinned complexions.

One of the makeup artists at the event even led me over to a brightly-lit, Hollywood Style vanity so that we could choose and apply the perfect shade of blush for my complexion. We ended up choosing 210, a gorgeous mauve-pink shade.




At the end of the event, each guest was given a “swag-bag” with the blush they chose from the collection, the new pressed version of their coveted HD powder, and two baby-soft professional brushes. I was certainly blown away by the hospitality and generosity shown to me! I would recommend these blushes to everyone and it has become a new favorite in my makeup bag.


xoxo, Anne-Marie

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