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February 17, 2020 by

Amazon may throw a curve ball at your shopping habits. In the near future, Amazon plans on kickstarting their own platform for luxury fashion. Brands will have the opportunity to control a portion of Amazon by essentially “leasing” an online space on the site. According to WWD, fashion labels will operate akin to the concession model. Imagine being able to buy designer items, but with Prime shipping speed. 

Ever since Amazon hit 100 million Prime members, it now stands as the number one apparel retailer in the US. If you have not shopped on Amazon’s fashion marketplace, let me give you some background info. Amazon has been working on infiltrating the fashion industry since 2006 when they acquired Shopbob and Zappos in 2009. 

As of right now, WWD shares that 12 “luxury” brands have already committed their support to the luxury platform. A fulfillment warehouse is being built in Arizona backed by a $100 million marketing campaign.

Amazon is already successful in selling anything from cleaning supplies, to jewelry, to electronics. Users also typically purchase brand names from this site, like this classic Burberry perfume. The issue here is that these items aren’t coming directly from the brand name. If you read the reviews on this product, a lot of people are unhappy because they believe it’s a knock off. 

So, Amazon’s goal with this jump into luxury is to gain back support from shoppers who were upset after buying from third-part sellers. Will this shift be successful for Amazon? We’ll have to wait and see. 


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