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April 9, 2009 by

I’m here in Paris for the semester. Models at clubs, Karl Lagerfeld walking the streets, fashion shows down the street from your apartment…who wouldn’t want to be on their style game?
Parisian pre-schoolers are more fashionable than most of the people I know! Being in this city has inspired me. Spring has finally come and women are starting to break out the jumpers, funky sunglasses, and striped sailor T’s.
Style Tips For The Wanna-Be Parisian:
BLACK: French women tend to dress in all black. It makes an outfit look effortlessly timeless and chic.
THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Parisians get creative with the silhouette and textures of their clothes. This causes the outfit to not look depressing and drab, but updated and modern.
MESS IT UP: Parisians like to look a little messy. They have the “I just threw this incredibly fashionable outfit on in two minutes” look. The hair will be uncombed, the scarf thrown on top, and the clothes just a little baggy.
ARABIAN NIGHTS: The trend that I have noticed of late are harem pants paired with chunky wooden heels and a blazer on top. This is the “classic” look of Spring 2009 in Paris. Isabel Marant, has shown this outfit on her runway in its various forms.
So when it comes to any season, the French can be seen looking très chic. New trends may come, but the French know how to adapt that look into their classic French look.
Lucy Blair Akin

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