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Another week dedicated to fashion draws to an end, and you know what that means…more street style coverage (score). Like I was saying last week, fashion is very of the people right now and street style seems to have attained the authority on what’s in and what’s out.


This week we checked out the UK scene to see what was happening on the streets. London is like the Mecca of street style, so I expected nothing less than the seamless glamour it always guarantees.


Throughout the photos on Harper’s Bazaar, there was this prominence of English tradition. Immaculate tailoring, cohesive color palates–you know the look. Some of the most chic ensembles consisted of masculine-inspired pieces contrasted with simplistic femininity. For a second I worried that hats were on the decline, but it looks like they’ve simply become essential.


London grunge is unlike the others, there’s still a blatancy of polish and refinery., however like their cohorts, Stockholm and LA, they fluently translate the “cool” look. Having nourished the mod-rock scene, the style has been rooted in the London culture.


Something I’ve always loved about English women is how posh they can be. It’s a sense of sleakness, playing off simple or trendy looks but stepping them up to a level of efforless superiority. The clean look comes from various fashion subcultures but is unmistakeable in its prestige.


An interesting play on florals and memoirs of silhouettes. This take on vintage is actually very beautiful and seemingly a little more updated. The delicacy of the fabrics articulates the femininity of the women themselves. The prints seem to really work both alone an in tandem with more muted pieces.


Cheers to referencing the prime of the Rock and Roll scene. Raising stars like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles, you’d better bet the essence of the rockstar rebel is still teeming throughout the streets. Like last week, we’re seeing a lot of velvet and fringe but in slightly cleaner silhouettes and a range of colors. Needless to say a fashion fav forsure.

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