Let’s Be Clear: Transparent Handbags Take Over Spring 19

March 27, 2019 by

Some people say to you should wear your heart on your sleeve, in spring 2019 the same can be said for the contents of your handbag…

It seems as if the It Girl always has a secret; something mischievous she hides behind her immaculate wardrobe and vivacious social life that those looking on can never quite pinpoint. Its part of what makes her so appealing – but in the instant gratification and social media driven climate in which we live privacy is a luxury that few still obtain.


This spring, designers flip the narrative and encourage consumers to embrace their little secrets. Transparent handbags are taking hold of the fashion scene with brands like Prada, Chanel, Stuad, and Louis Vuitton each releasing their own rendition of the tell all material. While this accessory may seem daunting – it’s the perfect way to flaunt your personality.

via farfetch.com

Fashion influencers such as Jessica Minkoff have fully embraced the trend. Minkoff fills her transparent green Chanel with phone chargers, keys, packs of gum, and card cases. Whether it’s a fresh pack of gum or the freshest drop of Supreme, this adventurous trend turns daily essentials into a conglomeration of coveted accessories. Follow suit and add some clarity to your wardrobe this season.

via instagram @_jessicaminkoff


via instagram @_jessicaminkoff

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