Leaseful’s Chicest Ambassador: Paola Valenzuela

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Last week, I got to chat with my dear friend and Leaseful’s newest ambassador, Paola Valenzuela. Cosmopolitan, stylish and sophisticated are just a few words to describe this gal – keep reading to get a taste on this showstopper’s latest jaunt.

While I have frequently seen the Leaseful brand on campus and boulevards, I haven’t exactly realized what I’ve been missing. For someone who appreciates a change of scenery after the hell of finals and can’t stand agonizing over subleasing (like myself), it’s odd I never checked out the godsend that is Leaseful.

Despite the fact that I live under a rock, I’m fully sold on this concept and could punch myself for not thinking of it first. Gracias, Paola, for keeping me in the loop!

Tell me a little bit about Leaseful and what makes it unique.


Leaseful is like AirBnb for college subleasing. It’s a simple, safe and transparent subleasing solution for college students. The company was actually started by SMU students Alexander Prince & Chad Kehoe after they faced a ton of housing problems in college – especially when looking for summer housing. They thought of Leaseful their junior year and since then have been growing the company. Not only are the co-founders from SMU, but so is the VP of Marketing, Lily Sisto, who joined right after she graduated in 2017. Leaseful is currently in about 15 schools, but their goal is to launch the brand in every school nationwide.

What makes Leaseful unique is that it is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for college subleasing. In fact, Leaseful actually just launched “Leaseful Furnished Housing Partners” in New York, with hundreds of bookable places spanning throughout Manhattan. This is ideal for those who have summer internships and need a place for just a few months.

Chad, Lily and Alexander at last year’s homecoming

When did you join Leaseful as a campus ambassador?


I recently joined the Leaseful team this January and have loved being a campus ambassador. We’re a group of 5 interns from the SMU campus and we all get along great. Lily Sisto, the VP of Marketing, is also amazing and has been so helpful since the beginning.

As a campus ambassador, what are your goals for Leaseful?


My main goal is to spread awareness about Leaseful to not only the SMU campus but to other schools as well. Social media, especially Instagram, is a major tool for us.

Jetset Paola

A little background on the It girl

Members of the Leaseful team

Follow Leaseful and Paola on Instagram for updates!

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