Le Taco Cantina: A Sexy Place to Eat Tacos

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Have you ever wished you could be in three places at once?

Well go ahead and call me your fairy godmother because I have found just the place. Come get a taste of Mexico, Asia, and of course, Texas, a triple threat only to be found on Oaklawn Avenue.

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Le Taco Cantina, a rustic chic eatery that enhances authentic Mexican dishes by adding an Asian infused twist. Whether you prefer the traditional Tex Mex or lean more towards the culinary styles of the East, your new favorite meal is bound to be here.

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The menu features a myriad of unique and enticing tacos offering everything and anything along the balance beam of their Asian-infused Tex-Mex.

le taco 6

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I started my taste-bud trek off with Carnitas. Offering a taste of Mexico in every bite, this homemade corn tortilla hugged a smoked pork shoulder topped with fresh cabbage, pineapple, and cilantro. A much needed upgrade to the Hawaiian pizza.

le taco 8

Next, I traveled East with the Moo Shu Duck Confit. A sweet and savory Asian mix with just enough flavor to really hit the spot. This satisfying taco takes the cake for that much needed bite post pre-game & pre-‘nu.

le taco 9

…& speaking of drinks Taco Tuesday is celebrated in all the right ways with $2 margaritas!

le taco 10

Then came a taste of the South, with a little sweet heat and fried chicken.

The Smoked Chicken Confit is packed with more zing than all the spice girls combined. This Asian barbecue dream consists of chicken & sausage with a Louisiana kick, and is finished off with fresh coleslaw to simmer that spicy sizzle.

le taco 11

Following came the Ginger Artichoke Chicken, but don’t let the name fool you, this taco is southern girl approved. The crunchy, NOT DRY chicken offered just enough kick courteous of the beloved Sriracha.

le taco 12

Last but far from least, came the mouthwatering favorites…

As a loyal carnivore, the Smoked Brisket stole my heart, or rather my stomach, composed of steak teriyaki with a strong Thai taste. Not to mention, the vibrant apex of ingredients left even the most opposed wanting to snap a pic.

le taco 13

While Addison’s taste buds shot up sky high for the Coco Chanel of tacos.

The Oscar is intentionally concocted to let your senses ride the biggest wave of your life with every ingredient complementing the next.

The Mount Everest of flavor began with a splash of Sriracha spice as it quickly moved into the luscious land of Akaushi Beef & truffle cream. After, came an influx of buttery lump crab that would make even the most seafood fearing (like myself) want seconds. Finishing off the wave of taste was a fresh palate-cleansing asparagus.

A masterpiece wrapped in tortilla that will inevitably become everyone’s favorite.

le taco 5

Les Tacos were a success to say the least, and the unique blend of ingredients makes each dish one of a kind.

le taco 14

Especially the stand out Elotes, an authentic Mexican street corn engulfed in a tangy Aioli, Togarashi, Lime, and Cotija cheese, all of which came together to produce a must-have on the menu.

As our sated stomachs sat in content delight, we were surprised with a Nutella Taco.

A devilish dessert that was 100% dangerous & 100% delicious and only a fool could turn it down. The sugary, sweet, and crispy plantains were surrounded by ripe strawberries and warm Nutella. A sinful sweet accompanied by homemade whipped cream drizzled in cinnamon.

le taco 18

Le Taco opened in May & is still on a hot streak.

A cantina respected as “a sexy place to eat tacos” so take in the ambiance and treat your taste buds to Texas-Southwestern & Asian-fusion flavors that will leave you wanting more.


-abs gates

|all photos by Abby White and Addison Anthony|

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