Juegen Teller + Ezra Petronio at Dallas Contemporary

May 9, 2011 by

I finally made the time to checkout Juergen Teller’s “Man with Banana” and Ezra Petronio’s “Bold & Beautiful and Le Pavillon” exhibits at Dallas Contemporary. If you aren’t familiar with who Juergen Teller is, then I recommend picking up any issue of Vogue, W or Harpers from the past decade and flipping to a Marc Jacobs ad. Yes, Teller is the artistic mastermind behind the iconic sepia-toned Marc Jacobs ads that feature inimitable images such as a stark-faced Dakota Fanning, the infamous Vivienne Westwood posing with a banana and Victoria Beckham stuffed in a shopping bag, to name a few. Ezra Petronio is the editor-chief and creative director at Self Service magazine, a bi-annual, fashion and lifestyle magazine based out of Paris.

The famed fashion photographer’s work will be on exhibit at Dallas Contemporary until August 21st. Admission is always FREE.

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