Jet-Setting Fashion for Fall Break Getaways

October 5, 2018 by

Oh the things I would do to strut out of a private jet on a red carpet looking like a million bucks!

Wouldn’t arriving at your fall break destination looking like this be amazing?? Well unfortunately, a lot of us are stuck with the forever long security lines, the fear of missing flights, and the occasional, dreaded middle seat…at least for now! 😉 So, let’s be real here. Unless you’re Kate Middleton or Kylie Jenner, traveling really isn’t all that glamorous. In fact, it can be a bit of a pain. With fall break around the corner, I’m sure everyone will ask themselves: What time should I leave for the airport? Should I check or carry on a bag? And of course the most difficult question of them all: what should I wear on the flight??

Whether you’re going camping in the middle of Wyoming or shopping in NYC, I strongly believe in arriving in style! You must give your destination a great first impression! BUT, I’m definitely not saying everyone should wear a brand new Valentino dress with 5-inch Jimmy Choos. As amazing as this may sound, it is so unrealistic. You never know when you might have to sprint to make your flight or drag tons of luggage through the airport, so comfort and functionality is also a necessity when planning your fall break travel outfit. So how can a travel outfit conquer the comfy but stylish look? Here are some must wear items!

Leggings or comfy jeans! Personally, I always gravitate towards leggings. They are the comfiest ever, extremely easy to dress up, and they don’t require the hassle of taking off a belt in security. But if you plan to hit the ground shopping or restaurant hopping, I say jeans all the way!

Layers! The temperature of a plane is never quite right. It either feels like a sauna or the North Pole. Unless you’re superhuman and can predict the future, it’s impossible to know if you’ll be sweating or shivering on the plane. So, layering is key!! Throw on a stylish graphic tee with a denim or leather jacket, bomber, or blazer, and your chic yet comfy travel look will be complete!

Slip-on, flat shoes! There’s nothing worse than taking off shoes in the security line and standing on the dirty floor for what seems like forever. I might sound like a total hypochondriac, but I literally feel like I’m getting some kind of foot disease just standing there. So if you’re like me and try to keep your shoes on for as long as possible, wear slip-on shoes that are a piece of cake to take off and put back on.

Safe (and stylish) travels!



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