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February 19, 2019 by

Ohhh rainy days…they ruin everything. When it’s gloomy outside, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and get dressed into a presentable outfit. Even though your initial thought would be to throw on sweats, you might need to go somewhere looking cute. Here’s how:

Clear Raincoats

Throw a clear raincoat over any outfit you want. There’s no need to cover your cute sundress on a rainy day. 

Bomber Jackets

For a more casual and edgy look. Bomber jackets should be a statement piece in your closet because they’re insanely versatile. You can layer it with a cute hoodie to say warm and to prevent your hair from becoming a disaster.

Trench Coats

If your style is chicer, a plaid jacket is essential for rainy days. This can make your outfit more unique and stylish. The blue trench coat is a great statement piece and will definitely brighten anyone’s day. 


Rain Boots

These rain boots are great for any day-time or night-time look. They’re the perfect waterproof booties. 

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