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Whenever I see John Pennington, whether that be around campus on his way to class or out at night, he is always dressed up like the classy gentleman that he truly is.  This SMU senior and president of Sigma Chi never fails to bring his true style to campus, so of course I had to catch up with him and figure out some of his style secrets on how he brings his own bad-ass twist to the typical preppy SMU uniform.
DSC_0092_2 DSC_0096 DSC_0099DSC_0109glasses / shirt / watch / jeans / shoes 

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is a very WASPy-British-gentlemen-influenced-overly-hyphenated-classic-prep look with a lot of elements like tailoring, patterns, colors, and fabrics reminiscent of styles from the 1950s and 1960s country club looks. In short, modern gentlemen. Recently I’ve been focused on adding more basics in timeless cuts and neutral colors with really subtle, yet unique details in them.  I like to look well put together with an original style – I like finding things that I won’t see anyone else in Dallas wearing mixed with staple pieces. But I think the most important thing about what I wear is that it’s comfortable and that it makes me feel good.


What’s your must-have without item?

Prorsum tailored navy suit or Tom Ford black velvet tuxedo slippers (the basics, right?)


Who is your favorite designer?

Burberry Prorsum


Who is your style icon?

Fictional characters: James Bond, Jay Gatsby, and Bill Cosby (great sweater collection)

Real people: Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Eddie Redmayne


Where is your favorite place to shop?

As a Dallas native, the first store I go to is always Neiman Marcus. I also consistently check out the new shipments whenever they come in at Burberry Northpark (Mary Lou is the best stylist) and the Seven for All Mankind store.


Why did you get interested in fashion?

In high school I worked retail at Northpark and was constantly around sophisticated and picky shoppers and high-end clothes. Growing up in Dallas, you have access to tons of great designers and so many boutiques and luxury retailers – Neiman Marcus, stores of Highland Park Village, Northpark boutiques, etc. –  that are known for their customer service and personal client care. Now I work at J. Crew at Northpark and am constantly looking at new trends, styles, and designers from stores in Northpark and around Dallas and enjoy setting myself apart with a unique and defined style that is more refined than most 22 year olds.


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