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November 23, 2017 by

Happy Thanksgiving! In the midst of crazy relatives and cooking the sweet potatoes and stuffing at the same time, I do hope you can sit down, take a minute to yourself, breathe and read this quick post, of course! What’re we thankful for this year? From dogs and hair treatments to food and Europe, there’s so much we’re grateful for in our lives. Read more to find out…

Lauren Fisher

“I’m thankful for my amazing bathtub and Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir bath oil 💘💘💘”

Sarah Smith

“I’m thankful for spray tans, avocado toast and Glossier lip balm!” (Glossier???? See what it’s all about here).

Lexie Hanna

“I’m thankful for my Chanel Eye Makeup Remover after a long night out. 🍾”

Arden Taylor

“I’m thankful for my Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist and Dior Lip Glow. ✨”

Chase Piper

“I’m thankful for getting to spend Thanksgiving with my grandfather, thankful for my dog, Oliver, and lastly, Dior Lip Plumper.”

Alegra Volpe

“I’m thankful for keratin hair treatments, my metabolism, and my baby bullie, Stella.”

Clare Grady

“I’m thankful for my colorist, Lafco’s Winter Balsam Christmas candle and my golden retriever, Finn.”

Thaly Fajardo

“I’m thankful for my bed, tacos and Anine Bing Rose Oil perfume.”

Isa Gerstein

“I’m thankful for good food, my bed, and classes after 10 am.”

Meg Burditt

“I’m thankful for skinny vanilla lattes, big warm sweaters, and my frenchie, Teddy!”

Mary-Bennett Sigal

#Thankful for my wiener dog Lizzy, my English Cocker Georgia, bubble baths, Kevyn Aucoin under-eye concealer, warm brie, and a tall glass of pinot noir after a lonnnng ass day.”

Maggie Borders

“Thankful for my little Paris town!! And all of the amazing people (and French wines) I have come to love along the way. 😘”

Caroline Hogan

“Always and forever thankful for Netflix, Fenty Beauty Match Stix, Annie’s White Cheddar (important) Gluten Free (also important) mac n’ cheese and, of course, these wonderful ladies who I get to work with every day :)) Could I be more cliché? Probably not.”

AND we can’t forget how grateful we are to have such loyal readers like you 🙂 Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving and start to the holiday szn…. my oh my.



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